So the spirits know. I learnt to ignore their gossips and giggles; most are harmless and are just curious. As for the hungry ones who came too close, I learnt to wield my sword of light. My name is Awen Sophia Rose. Awen means divine inspiration or flowing breath. I am a soul whisperer. My inner stillness perceives the karmic imprint of a soul – the flavours and colours a soul has gleaned over lifetimes. In mundane terms, I am someone who has a tendency to sprout channelled messages at a complete stranger queuing in front of me in a shop.

In my earthly endeavours I reign over an award-winning spa brand, dance a vivid life as entrepreneur, writer, perfumer, product formulator, fine foods specialist and creative director. I am very blessed to enjoy a varied career where I get to express my multi-faceted interests. I’ve had a lot of fun from designing spa rituals to being immortalised as The High Priestess in Moonchild Tarot. There is even a chocolate named after me in Europe! After all, not many souls can say they co-create with world renowned chocolatier and cult artist in the same breath!

And so despite my spiritual gift and being surrounded by a tribe of healers and lightworkers, I did not consider it my calling. I was content to quietly hold space as the oracle for my luminous sisters behind the scene of their sacred work.

Until lightning struck down the tower and a love departed. The divine had other plans. On the same day, two sister hearts a world apart sent me the same intuitive message: it is time to share my gift beyond the intimacy of our tribe. Since then, I have been on a date with destiny. There are days of depth and substance; there are days of mystery and romance.

On the left is yours truly presiding over the etheric temple in warrior queen mode, with my pet raven, as The High Priestess of Moonchild Tarot. I often use Moonchild Tarot and Starchild Tarot in my readings – both created by my dear star sister Danielle Noel – you can find these luminous sacred keys here.

I serve Love by awakening souls to ignite their divine spark.
I am a firestarter of souls.
I am passionate about helping you share your gift with the world.
I call my readings Inner Light Guidance,
using oracle cards to reveal your most vibrant soul expression.

My medicine is a unique blend of Divine Feminine vibrational transformation, grounded in an empathetic understanding of being human in real terms. I also offer heart-centred branding consultancy if you are inspired to manifest your creative venture, drawing upon my equally unqiue professional experience.

It is a privilege to have a platform of expression, to be seen and heard. I am deeply honoured to be of sacred service. Each day I pledge to be graceful and grateful. I never take it for granted.

You are here because I am one of the glowing dots on your soul map. Please feel free to wander the grounds of my online temple, may you feel divine grace on every page. If you resonate with my offerings, take a leap of faith – let me be your ascension companion on your journey home to Love.

A nebula of infinite possibilities reside within you.

Rainbow blessings,

Awen Sophia Rose