Ignite your Divine Spark with me!
holistic brainstorming & heart centred branding

Divine Spark is a unique service blending my expertise as an award-winning creative director and entrepreneur, with my intuitive gift as an oracle and a healer. You already have everything in you to manifest your dreams, my role is to help you ignite your divine spark and align with the abundant flow of the universe.

Divine Spark is a heart-centred and dynamic brainstorming party to spark you up on your exciting new path. I channel intuitive guidance alongside practical advice, to help you integrate passionate ideas into inspired action. The inspiration of this service comes from my experience in assisting friends with their various business and creative projects in the past decade. I was encouraged by their positive feedback that they have found this holistic approach helpful, so am now offering my sacred branding alchemy beyond my inner circle. My hope is that I may help a few bright souls turn their dreams into reality.

Soulful brainstorming session
(3 hours)

During which we discuss your business ideas, passions and motivations, brand identity, market position, competitor analysis, and strategy. Together we will bring to form the beginning of your heart-centred business or creative project. I read your birth chart to help you align your earthly endeavours with your soul purpose, including a manifesting style that would best suit your essence and personality. You will go away with practical tools, inspirations and resources, as well as some savvy know-how to get you started. I will also share any intuitive messages that come through for you alongside astrological insights.

Follow up support

If you would like further support, I suggest we check-in 2 – 4 weeks after Divine Spark. During our follow up session, I will help you make sense of your research and progress. I will be sharing both grounded business advice as well as intuitive guidance to steer you in your most abundant direction. We will end each session by setting an intention for the next stage of your journey, with action steps for you to implement. We’ll also do some shadow work to address triggers and blocks that have popped up since you embarked on this journey. Hopefully you’ll bounce away like a happy bunny, heart full of love and head full of inspiration!

Abundant Exchange

I ask for £333 to engage in Divine Spark, and pledge to commit 3 hours of my energy. Divine Spark is primarily conducted via online communication, such as FaceTime or Skype. If you would rather meet in person, and don’t mind covering my expenses, I’m open to travelling to you.

I’m delighted to offer further branding consultancy at an affordable rate of £44 per hour. You are welcome to book a 1hr follow-up session after Divine Spark. If it’s helpful to you, we may also work out a weekly or monthly schedule for ongoing support.