The symbolic language of oracle cards inspires reflection and epiphany. As a soul whisperer, I also channel intuitive messages to help you navigate your choices – whether you seek solution to a challenge, or fulfilment of a wish. In the wise words of Colette Baron-Reid, we are always divinely guided and divinely protected. But this is more than fortune telling -​ using the tarot and oracle cards as friendly tips from the universe, I am here to help you transform your vibration into your highest soul expression in this lifetime.

Your Inner Light Guidance is delivered to your inbox, beautifully laid out as a full-coloured, illustrated ebook, accompanied by journal prompts based on your reading. Yes you read that right: I love you so much, that I go over and beyond to design your very own Inner Light Guidance ebook! As I write rather long guidance (about a thousand words), I want you to have something gorgeous to read and refer back to. I hope your magical little book will uplift you on dull days when you need an extra dose of love and light.

I aim to send over your Inner Light Guidance in a week. However, it may take longer during periods of intense energies in the sky. Creating your unique oracle ebook is a labour of love; I’m committed to serving everyone with heartfelt guidance. I’m grateful for your sweet patience while I weave rainbow starlights to illuminate your own soul whispers.

When making a booking (button below), look out for the Order Notes text box at checkout. In this text box, please provide your birthday, including birth time and birth place if you know them. And of course, your question for the reading as well. I look forward to lighting up your soul map! xo