I dived into incarnation carrying lullabies from distant stars, perhaps to soothe myself as I got lost in density. I intuitively weave healing vibrations with my voice; channelling light codes, smoothing the aura. Each MP3 on this page is 44:44 in length, enough for a yoga session, and wonderful as meditation music. You can listen to previews on my Instagram feed. To help you identify the Sonic Medicine you wish to bring home, the song covers below feature the same images as their corresponding posts.

A special thank you to my dear star sister Danielle Noel who generously shares her beautiful artwork to illuminate some of my posts. You’ll recognise her iconic visual alchemy as she is the genius creatrix behind Starchild Tarot and Moonchild Tarot.

I’m grateful for a small exchange of sonic abundance. Your support will welcome new sacred instruments and recording equipment to my temple, in turn bringing you more vibrational ambrosia. Keep returning to this page as I’ll be uploading new music regularly. May your light body ignite in an ocean of love. xoxo