May I align
 my inner sight
to being of sacred service,
from a space of love.
May I receive
all oracle seekers
with love in my heart.
I ask for
the most loving messages
to be channelled
through me,
for the highest good of all.
May I be
a loving and wise
divine mouthpiece.
To heal.

To illumine.
To grace.

My love, would you like to explore the kaleidoscope of your soul expression and brush off some karmic dust bunnies while we’re at it?

I love being a soul whisperer, guiding souls to unveil their unique awakening. You may think of me as your manifesting companion, drawing your attention to the cosmic breadcrumbs that illumine your soul path. It’s really all you, I’m just your cheerleader with rainbow pom poms that light up the dark while you ascend a higher turn of your soul spiral.

What we get up to is vibrational transformation via shadow work: healing your karma, manifesting your soul purpose. Depending on your soul needs, I may use astrology, oracle cards or sacred sounds in our sessions. It’s one hour of luminous communion. As part of my gift is to weave healing vibration into my voice, I prefer a voice call over video call, because I can better focus on sending healing energy over to you. We may also have a live chat session via text if you feel more at ease with this introvert friendly option.